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Native Apps vs. Instant Play Games (HTML5)

UK mobile casino games are developed on two main platforms - native apps and instant play (HTML5). Here's how they differ:

Native casino apps are designed for a specific operating system and the devices powered by it. Take, for instance, casino games only available on the Apple App Store. These have been solely developed to work on Apple's operating system (iOS), and can thus only be downloaded onto iPhones or iPads. Users of other devices like Android and Windows-powered smart phones and tablets cannot download iOS native apps, and vice versa.

Instant play HTML5 casinos, however, are designed to work on most operating systems, platforms and devices. Where native casino apps must be physically downloaded onto a device to work, HTML5 instant play casinos and games are simply accessed over the internet by users of desktop PCs, Macs, notebooks, laptops, smart phones and smart tablets. As such, HTML5 Instant play casinos and games are much more versatile than native apps.

In terms of the quality, speed, reliability and stability of UK mobile casino games, there is little difference to speak of between native app and HTML5 casino games. However, as a result of online gambling restrictions and legislation implemented by many nations, real money native apps are prohibited in the biggest online app stores. These include the Google Play Store (Android), the UK Apple Store (iPads and iPhones) and Amazon UK.

For this reason, more virtual casino operators and real money players then ever are turning to instant play HTML5 games and facilities, because they are more widely available and far easier to access and play.

Mobile Device and Operating System Usage in the UK

As to the most popular mobile device manufactures in the UK, there only two contenders - Apple (iOS) and Samsung (Android). According to 2014/2015 UK smart phone stats compiled by leading German internet statistics firm Statista, in 2015 the iPhone was the smart device of choice in 45% of UK households (up from 40% in 2014) followed by Samsung with 32% (down from 34% in 2014). Tied in third place with 5% market share each, were HTC and Nokia.

With the launch of Windows 10, many mobile device pundits expect Windows-powered devices to eat into iOS and Android's market share, but whether that will happen remains to be seen. It will be a great challenge for any operating system and/or hardware manufacturer to chip away at the vast lead Apple and Samsung have worked so hard to develop and maintain. They are the premium smart phone and tablet brands around the globe, the UK being no exception.

Interestingly, OS market share sales stats for 2015 compiled by respected international consumer panel firm Kantar Worldpanel, revealed that 51.9% of all smart devices in the UK in 2015 were powered by Android, followed by 38.6% by Apple iOS and 9.2% by Windows. In summary, in 2015 the iPhone was the most popular smart device in the UK, while Android was the most popular operating system due to the fact it powers many more brands than just Samsung.

UK Networks and Mobile Casinos

The United Kingdom has four main mobile operators - EE, O2, Vodafone and 3. Each of these UK operators and their respective networks are more than capable of accessing and delivering online casino games in terms of speed, stability and reliability. As such, it makes no difference which operator you're with, because you can rest assured that with either your mobile casino game play will be fast, consistent and uninterrupted.

Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G? – A Note About Performance and Security

When it comes to mobile connectivity in the UK, here are the ways you can connect to the internet, and thus play your favourite mobile casino games:


This allows you to connect to the internet wirelessly in your home, office or a third party 'Wi-Fi hotspot' like a pub, restaurant, station, airport, plane and so forth. To pick up Wi-Fi, your device must be in close proximity to a wireless router. The benefit of Wi-Fi is that there are plenty of hotspots - paid and free - in the UK.

The only drawback of Wi-Fi is that unsecured hotspots can present a security risk. Criminals could potentially use an unsecured Wi-Fi connection to compromise your device and thus your personal information therein. For this reason, you should always be cautious when choosing and using hotspots to connect to the internet.


This allows you to connect to the internet wirelessly in your home, office and anywhere else in the UK - indoors and out - wherever your device can pick up a 3G signal. While Wi-Fi is limited by the range i.e. the physical distance you are from the wireless router, with 3G your signal comes directly from the operator towers.

So if you can make and receive phone calls on your phone or device, you should have no problem picking up 3G. In terms of benefits, 3G is generally faster than Wi-Fi. The downside, however, is that 3G is the more expensive connectivity option. The UK average 3G speed is 1.5Mb/s.


This is essentially the same as 3G but even faster (by up to 10x), and with greater capability for mobile access, gaming services, IP telephony, HD mobile TV, 3D TV and more. The UK average 4G speed is 2 to 15Mb/s.


Touted to be rolled out in 2020, 5G is expected to revolutionise mobile connectivity in the UK by delivering lightning speeds of up to 1Gb/second (1,000Mb/s), as well as drastically reducing latency.

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UK Player Q&A - Mobile Casinos FAQ

Every day we are bombarded with questions from mobile casino fans from all over the UK, which is why we have posted the most common - and their answers - in our mobile casinos FAQs section below:

Are Mobile Casino Games Legal in UK?

Yes. Although mobile casino operators are not permitted to market or advertise their services in the UK, it is not illegal for UK citizens to play real money casino games on their smart phones or tablets.

Can I Play My Favourite Slots at My Local on My Mobile?

No. The reason is that the majority of land or physical slot machine manufacturers - including Novomatic, Bally, Ainsworth, SG and Konamido - do not produce online or mobile versions of their games. That said, our featured mobile casinos have plenty of top quality mobile 'replacements' from the world's premier online casino developers you can sink your teeth into.

For instance, check out the high-paying and feature-laden 5 Dragons slots from Aristocrat Leisure Limited.

But is it safe? Is My Personal Information Secure?

Yes. Just like you would never go to an unlicensed doctor, lawyer or architect, so we only feature fully licensed and regulated UK mobile casinos. These are owned and operated by reputable gaming firms, and are subjected to regular audits to ensure their games are as fair as advertised, and that their payment facilities are above board.

In addition, reputable online and mobile casinos have the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to ensure your financial transactions are always safe. Many are affiliated with independent testing agencies like eCOGRA, TST or GLI, to ensure their RNG software meets the requirements prescribed by their licensing body.

Do I Need to Register an Account on My PC or Laptop?

No. So advanced is mobile casino technology that you can register for a new fun or real money account on your smart phone or tablet. Then, using the same casino username and password, you can login to your account on your PC or laptop, and vice versa.

How Do You Decide Which Mobile Casinos To Feature?

Our method for featuring UK mobile casinos is a simple one - we only choose the best. The trick, of course, is being able to recognise and differentiate the best mobile casinos from the average. This is where our experienced team of expert casino reviewers earn their keep. Using a set of tried and tested criteria, they can discern the best casinos that have the best, most lucrative games, bonuses and promotions. Here are those criteria:

  • Welcome Bonuses - Our review team has ensured that each of our featured mobile casinos has a generous welcome bonus offer or two for new UK players
  • Game Variety - You'll be hard-pressed to find casinos with a wider range of slots, keno, blackjack, video poker, roulette, jackpots and everything in between
  • Customer Support - Whether you want to contact a casino at 3am or 3pm, our casinos each have friendly, capable and efficient 24/7 customer support facilities
  • Regular Promotions - Over and above big welcome bonuses, our featured casinos offer regular promotions that range from free cash to free tournament entries
  • Juicy Jackpots - If you're after the biggest possible windfalls, our rated mobile UK casinos feature progressive jackpots that regularly climb into the millions
  • Safety & Security - All of our casinos are licensed, regulated and audited, as well as fortified by cutting edge SSL encryption software and security measures
  • Deposit Methods - To make deposits and withdrawals as quick and easy for you as possible, all of our casinos offers a wide range of reputable banking options

Now that you have an insight into the best UK mobile casinos, all that's left is for you to register at one or more of our recommended real money UK mobile casinos listed above, choose a game and start winning.