iOS Casinos

iOS casinos are plentiful because most real money mobile casino games and apps are developed for iPhones and iPads because they're so popular around the globe, including the UK.
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Does My Apple IOS Operating System Matter?

Yes it does. Considering the speed at which technology is developing and evolving, what's new, exciting and innovative today is out-of-date, slow and obsolete tomorrow. This is why computer, laptop, smart phone and smart tablet manufacturers are continually releasing new models, and why operating systems (OS) need to be updated regularly - to accommodate new devices, and vice versa - and Apple's iOS is no exception.

If you own a late model Apple iPad or an iPhone, and you want to access the best iOS casinos and their games, it's crucial your OS is up-to-date. If it isn't, you may find your casino or game is not as smooth, fast or stable as it should be, which could adversely effect your mobile gaming experience. As developers of casino apps for Apple devices release updates and bug fixes intermittently, so you should check for software updates.

Native iOS Casino Apps vs. Instant Play Games

If you're new to real money mobile casinos, you might not know the difference between a 'native iOS casino app' and a 'browser-based instant play' casino. In a nutshell, this is how they are different:

iOS or Apple native casino apps have been developed specifically to be used on Apple iPhones and iPads. However, to work on these devices, you must first download them from the Apple App Store for free or at a nominal cost. These games cannot be played on any other devices accept those from Apple. Because some countries prohibit real money casino apps, iOS casino apps for real money are not widely available or overly popular.

Instant play mobile casino games are another thing entirely. Designed and developed in graphically rich HTML5, these games can be played instantly on any internet browser (no download necessary), and on any computer, laptop or smart device, regardless of its operating system. This has made them much more accessible, user-friendly, convenient and popular than iOS native casino apps. They are true multi-platform, multi-OS casino games.

Top 5 Apple iOS Devices For Mobile Casino Games

Being one of the most innovative and 'trendy' companies on the planet, Apple is continually pushing itself to launch 'the next big thing,' while always perfecting as well as pruning its current line up. The result is a slew of products that sell incredibly fast and well the world over. Here are 5 top Apple devices that are perfect for instant play casino games as well as iOS casino apps for UK players:

iphone 5s

iPhone 5s

Taking over from the ground-breaking iPhone 4s, the Apple 5s is a sexy, sleek and reliable handset still as popular now as the day it was launched. With its 16:9 HD retina display, it's a very game-friendly gadget.

iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s (and Plus)

The need for a handset larger than an iPhone 5, but smaller than an iPad Mini saw the launch of the skinnier iPhone 6s and its super-sized brother, the iPhone 6 Plus. Each boasts greater processor speed and clarity.

iPad Pro

iPad Pro

The word that comes to mind with the regard to Apple's iPad Pro is 'huge.' Far bigger than its predecessors, this device was built to play HD-quality mobile casino games from anywhere with an internet connection.

iPad Air2

iPad Air 2

If the iPad Pro is big and bold, the iPad Air 2 is far more subtle and stylish, but no less capable of showcasing the 3G graphics, speed, features and colours that mobile casino game developers inject into their games.

iPad Mini3

iPad Mini 3

The iPad Mini 3 is for those seeking the look and feel of a regular iPad but on a smaller, more manageable scale. Large enough to dwarf most smart phones but small enough not to be intrusive, this is an ideal device.

Free Apple iOS Apps vs. Real Money Mobile Casino Games

If you cut your gambling teeth at UK land casinos or online casinos, the chances are you're only interested in playing real money mobile casino games, like the ones featured on this site. With the facilities to fund your virtual casino account on the move, as well as cash out your winnings, it's not surprising more UK players than ever are playing instant play casino games, particularly on Apple devices with crystal clear retina displays.

If you enjoy accruing credits, unlocking new games, and sharing your progress and windfalls on Facebook more than winning real money, then free or fun play Apple iOS casino apps are likely to be your thing. Free Apple iOS apps are a billion dollar business thanks to in-app purchases. However, you'll never have to reach into your pocket to cover a bad run or because you can't stop. These casino games are about fun rather than risk.

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Apple iOS Online Casino FAQ

Here is a list of common iOS online casino FAQs you might find useful if you've just entered the Apple mobile casino space. If we've left out a question, email us and we'll do our best to answer it:

Are Your Featured Apple Online Casinos Regulated?

Yes. We only promote licensed and regulated mobile and online casinos that are subject to regulations, and regular audits conducted by independent third party firms.

Can I Play Real Money iOS Casino Games?

Yes. All of the HTML5 instant play casinos and games we feature are designed to be played for real money on all platforms, using all operating systems, iOS included.

Can I Deposit Using My Apple iPhone or iPad?

Yes. All Apple-friendly mobile casinos are equipped to handle deposits as well as withdrawals. This means you can fund your real money account on the move, 24/7.

Can I Claim a Sign Up Bonus on my iOS Device?

Yes. Just as you can register for a new fun or real money account and make a deposit on your particular iOS device, so you can also claim and play a Sign Up Bonus.

Do Apple Mobile Casinos Have All Types of Games?

No. Most Apple mobile casinos only offer a small selection of games (much less than online casinos), such as video poker, roulette, blackjack, slots and progressives.

Are iOS Casinos Fair, Honest and Trustworthy?

Yes. Because the iOS casinos we promote make use of state-of-the-art Random Number Generator (RNG) software, rest assured that their payout percentages are fair.

Are Apple Casino Games Safe and Secure to Play?

Yes. As long as you play games on Apple-friendly casinos that are reputable, licensed and have been 100% vetted, reviewed and recommended by our review team.

Now that you've learned a thing or two about Apple iOS casino apps and mobile casino games, we hope you try out some of the best UK-friendly iOS mobile casinos in operation. Just click on a casino, sign up, deposit, claim your free bonus if you want, and get down to the arduous business of trying to win a fortune.