What About Social Casino Games

If you're a fan of mobile casino games but are not interested in playing for real money, you may find social casino games to be more your speed. Although the global social casino game industry generates billions of pounds in revenues each year, it's not in the way you might think.

Unlike traditional real money online casino games that facilitate deposits, bonuses and withdrawals, social casino games don't allow deposits or cash outs, no matter how much you win. They generate revenues via in-app purchases, where you can buy blocks of coins or credits.

You can use these coins to extend your playing time, send 'gifts' to your friends on social media or unlock new games / levels. In terms of how they compare to real money games in terms of graphics and playability, you'll find them to be very similar in look, feel and function.

However, these casino games serve very different functions. Where the function of social games is purely for fun and entertainment, with a strong social bias, real money mobile games aim to emulate their land and online counterparts, in terms of odds, pay outs and playability.

This article on mobile social casino games covers:

  1. Why Are Social Casino Apps for Mobile so Popular?
  2. How Do Social Casino Mobile Apps Work?
  3. Are Social Casino Games Odds the Same as Regular Casino Games?
  4. What Are the Most Popular Mobile Social Casino Apps?

Why Are Social Casino Apps for Mobile so Popular?

Social casino apps are very popular these days because they provide people of all ages with the thrill, fun and exhilaration of gambling but without any financial risk. You can spend hours playing these games with free credits, building up your chip stack while unlocking new games and climbing the levels as you go.

If you run out of credits or coins, you can either come back in a few hours, or even the next day to collect your bonus chips. Or, if you can opt to boost your coin with an in-app purchase. The more credits you purchase, the more you'll get as social casinos work on the 'you get more value when you buy in bulk' model.

How Do Social Casino Mobile Apps Work?

Social casino mobile apps are available to download - usually for free - from the major apps stores including the Apple App Store (iOS), the Google Play Store (Android) and the Windows App Store. You can only download an app from the store that corresponds with the operating system of your smart phone or device.

For instance, if you have an iPhone or an iPad, use the App Store. If you have an Android-powered Samsung phone or tablet, go to the Play Store and so on. The most popular and successful social casino apps for mobile games tend to be available from all of the app stores, where lesser known casino games may not be.

Simply visit your respective app store on your mobile device, and do a search for social casino games. You'll see a long list will be returned, from which you can choose the apps that appeal to you the most. When it comes to selecting a game, just follow these quick and simple steps and you'll be playing in minutes:

  • Click on a game to download it
  • Once downloaded, click open the game
  • Agree to the app's terms, once you've read them
  • Opt in for notifications from the game or not
  • Collect your free bonus / daily coins or credits
  • In the games lobby of your app, click on a game
  • Have fun and top-up only if your credits run out

Are Social Casino Games Odds the Same as Regular Casino Games?

No. It's no secret that the odds of social casino apps are more in the favour of players than their real money counterparts. The reason for this again is that these game types have different functions. Because social games are all about fun, it doesn't matter that games pay out more often than they should, because there's no money at stake.

In the case of real money games, however, real money is very much at stake at actual licensed and regulated casinos. As such, it is a matter of law, regulation and jurisdiction that a casino's game odds reflect those of land casino games as much as possible. If they didn't, they wouldn't be considered genuine and wouldn't attract players.

What Are the Most Popular Mobile Social Casino Apps?

While you'll find hundreds of free mobile social casino apps available on the app stores, there are a handful that are particularly popular and successful. Some you may recognise from being advertised or featured on Facebook, including:

  • VegasStar Casino
  • Casino Master
  • Big Fish Casino
  • GSN Casino
  • Jackpot Party Casino Slots
  • DoubleDown Casino & Slots¬†