Windows Phone Casinos

Apple and Android smart phones and devices dominate real money mobile casino games, but thanks to the release of Windows 10, Windows phone casinos are on the rise.
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Does My Windows Operating System Matter?

Absolutely. The rule of thumb with operating systems (OS) is that newer is always better - that is, once all the bugs have been ironed out. This has never been truer than with Microsoft's Windows OS, which has seen some 13 incarnations. The latest is the highly touted Windows 10 (launched in 2015), which has been labelled by many as Microsoft's top OS to date, and the one best suited to handle the latest mobile casino games and apps.

Where its predecessor Windows 8.1 (launched in 2013) had some quality, reliability and stability issues with regards to mobile games, Windows 10 seems to be  different animal completely. For instance, it can handle the fastest of games with the boldest graphics and animations, without any stability issues. That said, to get the best out of real mobile games for Windows, be sure to regularly update the software on your Windows phone.

Native Windows Casino Apps vs. Instant Play Windows Games

In terms of mobile casino games that can be played on Windows, there are two main types - native Windows casino apps and instant play Windows casino games which although very different, each have their niche:

Native Windows casinos apps are virtual casinos and or games that have been designed solely for the Windows operating system, and thus phones and devices powered by Windows. They are available to download usually for free from the Microsoft App Store, and are typically for fun play. In other words, these games have no age restriction because they don't involve real money gambling, although they do offer in-app purchases.

Instant play HTML5 mobile casino games, on the other hand, are where the real money and action is. As browser-based games, they can be played on computers and mobile devices, across all the major operating systems - Windows 10 included. So as long as you have internet connectivity, are 18 or over and can fund your account, you can  play casino games - from slots to blackjack to keno and more - on your phone, for real cash.

5 Top Windows-Powered Devices for Mobile Casino Games

Although Windows cannot compare with the likes of Apple or Android in the mobile space, there are still a handful of well known brands powered by Windows that sell moderately around the world, including the UK. As such, here are 5 top Windows-friendly devices that we are happy to recommend for playing the latest, most entertaining and most lucrative mobile casino games:

Nokia Lumia 735

Nokia Lumia 735

Although Nokia's star is not as bright as it once was, this mobile phone pioneer has created a superb looking and functioning phone. With Windows 10 in its engine room, it's fast, easy to use and has a bright display.

Microsoft Lumia 950

Microsoft Lumia 950

It has an impressive 5.2" display, a tremendous set of speakers and more than enough processing speed to handle even the most animated mobile casino games. This handset stands up to any of its more popular rivals.

Nokia Lumia 830

Nokia Lumia 830

Even though this is one of the older Nokia models (launched in September 2014), it still packs a technological punch. Launched with Windows 8.1 and adapted to Windows 10, it's crazy about HTML5 mobile casinos.

Microsoft Lumia640xl

Microsoft Lumia 640 XL

Its giant 5.7" screen is what has made this device such a firm favourite, especially amongst gaming fans. In fact, mobile casino game fans reap the rewards of an exemplary display along with a lightning fast processor.

Alcatel Onetouch Pixi3

Alcatel OneTouch Pixi 3

This tablet may not be the iPad it's trying to be, but it's more than capable of functioning as any ivy league brand should. It has a quick processor, a bright screen, a user-friendly interface and is not too shabby looking.

Free Windows Apps vs. Windows Real Money Mobile Games

Whether you like to play slot games for fun credits or the real thing to win piles of cold hard cash, the choice is yours. When it comes to purely fun play or social casino games, you'll find a better than good selection on the Microsoft App Store, which you can download and play for free on your Windows phone or tablet. These usually entail a variety of 'unlockable' slots as well as a few video poker games and/or table games.

If the colour of money excites you, then so will HTML5 mobile casino games. Although you can also usually play these games for fun (play money), most mobile gambling fans opt for their real money counterparts, of which their are plenty to choose from. These typically include themed video slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, keno, video poker, scratch cards and other games, where you can choose your own bet/chip size.

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Windows Phone Casino FAQ

Due to the launch of Windows 10, more UK users of Windows-powered devices than ever before are discovering fun and real money mobile casino games. As such, many have sent us their questions which is why we have included the following most common Windows Phone Casino FAQ. Please let us know via email if we've left any out:

Are Windows Casino Games Really Safe to Play?

Yes. As long as you only play real money mobile Windows casino games on casinos that have been checked and thoroughly vetted by a site like

Are the Windows Casinos You Feature Regulated?

Yes. The only real money mobile casinos we ever feature are licensed and regulated in one or more of the world's online gambling jurisdictions, the UK included.

Can I Make a Deposit on My Windows Phone or Device?

Yes. The majority of real money mobile casinos are developed in HTML5, which can process all deposits and withdrawals made on Windows phones or tablets.

Can I Play Real Money Windows Mobile Casino Games?

Yes. Browser-based instant play HTML5 games can be played on any browser, computer, operating system or smart device, Windows powered phones included.

Do Windows Casino Apps Have All Kinds of Games?

No. Windows casinos mobile apps have a fraction of the games that online casinos offer, but they always have video poker, roulette, blackjack, jackpots and slots.

Can I Claim a Casino Bonus on my Windows Phone?

Yes. Just as you can claim a casino welcome bonus from any desktop computer or laptop, so you can also claim and play one on a Windows smart mobile device.

Are Your Windows Casinos Trustworthy and Fair?

Yes. Our team of experienced online and mobile casino reviewers are specially trained to seek out only the securest, fairest and most reputable Windows casinos.

We trust you have found our page on Windows phone casino apps and casino to be interesting and informative, and we hope you win a fortune as you explore our list of featured Windows-friendly mobile casinos.